WhatsUp Gold Network Management Solutions

WhatsUp Gold solutions provide comprehensive network and systems management for organizations of all sizes and from different industry sectors. It can be used in a range of situations – from being the central operations platform for managing business wide infrastructure across single or multiple distributed locations, to a standalone tool providing specific support for monitoring or compliance reporting in one domain. The flexibility and modularity of WhatsUp Gold solutions make them attractive for large and growing businesses alike.

Business Solutions

Small & Midsized Businesses

No matter how large or how small the organization is, the network is absolutely essential to the company’s operations and survival. In many cases, especially among small and midsized businesses (SMB), the network is the business. After all, the network enables collaboration, communication, and commerce – everything that helps an organization to run and grow.

For that reason, network downtime is deadly. Yet with the complexity of today’s networks, things are bound to go wrong. Servers crash, routers fail, disk utilization rates reach dangerous thresholds, security breaches occur, and regulations are violated.



Distributed Environments

Distributed enterprises walk a tightrope between empowering divisions and remote offices to manage their own networks, and maintaining the centralized control and accountability they need to ensure compliance with internal goals and policies – as well as external regulations. Challenging as it is to effectively monitor a single location’s network 24/7 with complete transparency in real time, it’s much more difficult it distributed environments where IT and user demographics vary.

For large companies, network unavailability has a wide range of negative consequences for employees, customers, partners, investors and analysts. It can lead to lost productivity, tarnished reputation, lower revenues, and even a loss of shareholder value.



Managed Service Providers

Network availability is a critical component to the success of any business and is even more essential for small businesses. However, many small businesses lack the IT sophistication and proper tools to do it themselves. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) provide a valuable set of services to customers through their in-house expertise to effectively and transparently monitor customers’ networks.

One of the biggest challenges managed service providers face is consistently demonstrating value to their customers. Through remote monitoring and management platforms and desktop management tools, MSPs are able to work “behind-the-scenes” and keep networks running with little or no customer visibility. The better job you’re doing, the less the customer sees you.